Red Flag Laws (again)

There has been a lot of fuss since last week’s red flag debacle. Dan Crenshaw, an alleged Republican from Texas (and former Pirates of the Caribbean cast-member) even went on Facebook to cry about the backlash against him (he supports red flag laws).

Dan Crenshaw, 2019 colorized

He says the laws will provide due process, that red flag laws provide due process, along with many other nonsensical things. He doubled down on his support of the TAPS Act, ironically named as its passage would confirm the death of the second amendment (it’s also a massive spending bill).

Crenshaw is a liar without a shred of integrity. I am sure people will say he is a great American, because he served in the seals. A small, tight knit organization that has dealt with numerous murder charges (of prisoners and other American service members), drug charges, having entire platoons kicked out of countries over their misconduct, etc. It’s pretty bad when generals start investigating the culture of entire units. Those are the problems that the media has covered within the last year. (I’ll let someone else discuss what an embarrassment the Seals are to the military, and how they always seek attention and glory). Maybe at some point we can have a discussion concerning the number of military personnel who haven’t bothered to read five sentences of our laws that they “swore an oath to defend.”

Back to DanIn his video, he gaslights and condescends his audience. There is not a single truth (legally speaking) to what he says about his own legislation. (I’m not giving him the courtesy of linking to it, but it’s on his Facebook page).

Not helping the gun control/red flag cause is the president himself. The half-wit and soon to be one-term president, who happens to support red flag laws, demonstrated the primary reason they are flawed: they will be used for retribution.

President dwonald dwumpf throwing a tantrum.

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