Week in Review: 8/10/19

This week has brought us many stories on many topics

We are better off separated

Outlets are starting to discuss the idea of separation between the States (and thus cultures). I see this as a good thing. There is no revival, or reforming, the federal government. It is too large, and the coasts control politics. I will have to address this in a separate post at some point in the future.

Jeffrey Epstein Dead

Just one day after multiple outlets reported (or re-reported) accusations against the celebrity-fixer, Epstein was “found dead” in his prison cell. How convenient. A guy on suicide watch, who was previously attacked in the same jail, mysteriously dies. Either someone didn’t do their job, or  they were compensated to not do their job. We should all hope for the plaintiffs in their pursuit of the truth (and compensation).

  1. Federal prosecutors violated federal law in letting Epstein off. One of those prosecutors was Trump’s former Labor Secretary.
  2. Foreign dignitaries are implicated in this scandal
  3. President Bill Clinton, and many wealthy American businessmen/scholars/attorneys are also involved in this scandal
  4. there are several strong ties between Epstein and the current President.

Liberals call for restricting speech

Leftists are using recent shootings to justify silencing any critics.

Mass Shootings aren’t becoming more common

Yes, three shootings happened within a short period of time. No, shootings are not becoming more common. The media does go out of their way to over-report these events.

Anti-gun leftists advocate violence

Leftist activists advocate for violence while protesting at the home of Senator McConnell.

Techie gives advice on avoiding “digital snoops”

If you want advice on making your life less susceptible to being tracked online, this is a great article to read.

Tech Thots gonna thot

Tech employees claim they helped trump get elected, so now you should follow and pay them while they redeem themselves.

More news about Amazon using child labor

Americans love cheap Chinese products. Americans also love critical race theory, political correctness, and nearly all view slavery as an abomination. Yet they love to pretend that they don’t benefit from modern slavery. Remind them.



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