Week in Review 8/1/19

This is going to be my attempt to provide you this week’s important headlines. A few of these articles were written earlier in July, but they are important, and I am not going to have time to discuss them.

  • Gillette is not doing well, according to recent actions by P&G to write down the feminist razor company’s value.
  • The Baltimore home of Rep. Elijah Cummings was burglarized only days after the Cummings went on national television to express his disgust at Trump’s truthful comments about the hell hole.
  • Five Republicans in the House of Representatives have resigned this past week. That is on top of the numerous resignations since Trump took office. In the past, congressmen typically left office to pursue higher paying jobs in the Beltway. Are more getting jobs as lobbyists consultants, or have they realized they can’t accomplish what they campaigned on? (Since Trump took office, 4 Republican Senators and 28 other Representatives have resigned or retired).
  • Ezra Klein advocates for UBI, open borders, and the ultra-Keynesian 15-hour work week in Vox. Do not discount him. These policies will continue to be advanced by various liberal groups. People like Tim Ferriss have been advocating for a shorter work week for years. UBI is an idea that was promoted by Milton Friedman, a fact many on the right don’t want to acknowledge. (7/26/29).
  • Charles McElwee discusses the destruction of small-town America, and the trend in which everyone moves to the city, creating megalopolises.
  • Jonathan Rodden writes about the urban-political divide in City Journal. (7/31/19). I look forward to more articles on this topic in the future, as we approach the post-Census redistricting process. (I am not sure how much longer we will have to worry about this divide, as I predict the democrats will be able to hold the House and the Electoral College at some point between 2026 and 2030).
  • New York Mag exercises cognitive dissonance as it accuses “conservatives” of trying to divide society (by doing nothing??). However, they do provide an interesting opinion poll from 2017. Red pill people: look at it.
  • Roger Kimball speaks some non-pc truths about Trump’s tweets in Spectator.  (From July 17, 2019).
  • John  Fonte of the Hudson Institute argues that the political/culture war is one between those who want to transmit our system into the future, and those who want to transform it. While interesting, I think he is off in promoting transmission as American the way. Our system doesn’t work, and doesn’t need to be transmitted into the future. It too needs to be reformed and transformed, but in a different direction than leftists would like.



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