What is Conservatism?

Conservatism, as defined by the scholar Russell Kirk in The Politics of Prudence, is the belief in the following ten principles:

  1. There is an existing moral order. Human nature is constant, and moral truths are permanent (across time). Contrast this with modern leftism, which is constantly creating sub groups in order to cause chaos.


  1. Conservatives adhere to custom, convention, and continuity of society. Human society is not to be treated as a machine that can be altered mechanically. Change ought to be gradual and discriminatory, never unfixing old interests at once. Today’s trend is to treat all humans as machines that are to be examined through empiricism, while problems are viewed as solutions that can be manipulated through the control of inputs (many computer programmers look at the world this way). Hence Michael Bloomberg’s attempts to control the food intake of New Yorkers. The latter is the problem with conservatism – it eventually adopts the change that many push for, regardless of morality.

  1. Principle of Prescription: we emphasize the importance of things established by immemorial usage, so that the mind of man runs not to the contrary. “The individual is foolish, but the species is wise.” This is also a key tenet of Red Pill belief, although the RP community realizes that the species can go through a period of time when the long held principles are bucked, and we see the end result: chaos.


  1. Principle of Prudence: Public policy should be judged by its probably long-run consequence, not by popularity or short term gain. This has been forgotten by many in politics, although the current political situation will not tolerate wise decision making. This is the result of moving away from a republican model of governance to direct democracy.


  1. Principle of Variety: conservatives respect long-established institutions and modes of life. Inequality will never escape us as humans, and trying to end it at all turns is a dangerous path to tyranny. Many conservatives naturally abide by this principle, which is why they never question or critique long-established institutions. In fact, they recoil at those who do, which may be a contributing factor to long lasting opposition to rap and metal by those on the right. These two genres of music that tend to be socially conscious and critical of institutions.

Conservatives often confuse society with government. They don’t recognize we have lost both. To preserve both, it is important that going forward, conservatives attack government power at every turn. To prevent tyranny over the individual, we need to make every effort to shrink the government, and prevent its expansion. At the same time, but not contradictory, we need to limit the influence of global corporations over individuals. This is necessary to protect the freedom of speech and thought.


  1. Principle of Imperfectibility: humans are flawed by nature, and thus no social order can be perfect. “all that we can reasonably expect is a tolerably ordered, just, and free society, in which some evils, maladjustments, and sufferings will continue to lurk.” This principle is inherited from Christianity, and has few non-Christian adherents in modern times. It is the most important principle in this list though. Whether or not you believe we are sinful and imperfect by nature will determine how you develop solutions to policy problems.


  1. Freedom and property are closely linked. Civilizations are built upon the foundation of private property. Property ownership is also linked to stability, prosperity, personal responsibility, and support of the community.


  1. Voluntary community over involuntary collectivism. We have a right to associate with others, and to do so freely. Political decisions should be made locally and voluntarily, and not by distant governance. “A nation is no stronger than the numerous little communities of which it is composed.” Conservatives have completely forgotten this principle, especially the writers at the recycled toilet paper factory known as National Review. Whether it’s the inner city communities, or rural poor communities, the conservative elite could not care any less, as they don’t care at all. They are not only out of touch, but they don’t care unless it affects their gated McMansions in the suburbs.


  1. Prudent restraints on power and human passions. When an individual or a group imposes their will upon all without check, you have despotism. For all to be powers unto themselves, you have anarchy. Anarchy eventually cedes to tyranny. Recognizing this, and principle #6, conservatives support restrictions, checks, balances, and enforcement of laws. “A just government maintains a healthy tension between the claims of authority and the claims of liberty.”

Unfortunately, this mentality prevents conservatives from taking any action, no matter how sound or necessary it is. The American revolt against England would never happen in our present age, despite the fact that the U.S. government has far more power than England ever had. A former CIA Officer pointed this out back in 2016, calling for aggressive counter-actions.  He is absolutely correct.


  1. Permanence and change must be recognized and reconciled in a vigorous society. The permanence of a society gives us stability and continuity, and without that, we slip into anarchy. The progression of society is that spirit and talent which support prudent reform and improvement, that a society needs to prevent from stagnating.


We are slipping into anarchy and chaos, while the left consolidates their position, and institutes tyranny. They do not yet have the ability to punish dissenters via the government, but they are making progress. Just look at the photographers and cake bakers forced to perform for gay weddings. Where liberals dont have government power, they use their mob tactics to harass, shame, and silence opposition. When a rogue individual makes an unpopular statement, they get doxxed and lose their job.

The “conservatives” who lead DC institutions and the “movement” do not recognize that we are in a war. Liberals who want to silence, fine, and punish you today will be putting a bullet in your head when they eventually take over all branches of government (that is inevitable at this rate). If you think they will govern with benevolence, you are insane and ignorant of every major historical political event of the last 100 years.

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