Spring Break degenerates

We all know how degenerate spring break is. Thanks to MTV in the 90’s and Girls Gone Wild ads throughout the early 2000’s, we know it’s been bad for decades. Boomers are just figuring this out for some reason.

Immorality during spring break is now mainstream, with most of the college-age culture partaking (with college life in general becoming an extension of spring break).

There are some news outlets that have covered the degradation and extinction of American culture, but I want to draw attention to this article by a crappy sorority advice site.

It not only confirms to all men that any woman who has a sorority affiliation is a walking red flag (coming from a fraternity member), but any girl who has gone to spring break in general presents multiple red flags.


2 thoughts on “Spring Break degenerates

  1. No commentary on the article?

    The closing paragraph says it all…

    “Literally do whatever the fuck you want.
    It’s spring break, y’all. You only get a few of these, so be as extra as you can afford to. After all, it’s basically just training for your bachelorette party, right?”

    I feel nauseous for the future groom (if any).

    My reading of it says that sexual promiscuity is now normalized and shameless, even expected. But the fact that social-trend-setting websites are declaring it to be so online, indicates that the annui of sexual saturation is about to kick in. After that, things will either get better or a lot worse.

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    1. I didn’t want to get bogged down in the article or many others. Too afraid I would contract something just from reading her article.

      It was that way when I was in college. Sorority girls would try to screw all members of a fraternity family/clique

      Some sororities had competitions with their pledge classes, where they would get points for notches. The minority of sorority girls tried to prevent hos from taking over.

      As per sexual saturation, this week’s Drudge headlines were interesting. “People prefer political compatibility over sex.”

      The next 2 weeks will be slow for me. Had a bunch of other things come up

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