Options for a new logo

If you have any comments or suggestions for my new logo, post them below.

Some options for my new logo.

Current logo

Color logo with background_8


Option 0.9

Color logo with background_4

1.0Color logo with background_2

Option 1.1

Color logo with background_1 tan black blue

Option 2

Color logo with background_1 orange circular

Color logo with background_1 circular 2

Option 4 (left), and 5 (right)



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18 thoughts on “Options for a new logo

  1. As I said previously, I strongly dislike the color scheme of Option #4. Option #3 looks nice, but too much like the Merriam-Webster logo. As a standalone logo, option #5 is very nice. It has a strong masculine feel to it. It’s nice as-is. Yet, the overall design of option #1 feels more professional (but see below) and in keeping with the “law and justice” theme. Option #2 feels like something I would find on an apologetics website, but it’s not bad.

    “Lexet Blog” looks best in black with the font from Option #2/3/4. Regarding the font in Option #1, it’s a bit too “I’m working with ancient manuscripts” for my taste.

    “Law and Justice” looks best (color and font) in either Option #1 or Option #3. They are different, but both nice.

    I think the “Khaki” color (#fffeb3) background is too yellow. The color I chose in my mockup (#e7dec1) is more neutral IMO.

    The color of the flame is more red than the orange I suggested or the yellow of option #4. I think it doesn’t complement the background color (either the yellowish one you chose or the one I prefer) quite as well, but it’s a more subtle thing. It’s not that big of a deal.


  2. The flame is a nice touch. I like number 5 the best. The gray color gives the impression of the iron rule of law. However, if you go with number 5, you need some color elsewhere on your site. You could change the theme colors to achieve this. You could experiment with a royal purple, which goes well with gray, and is accented by the complementary color yellow. I agree with Derek that the yellow is a bit too pale, but it should not be too dark or too bright either. I think it should have a more golden hue.


    1. 1& 2 are my favorites for my current theme color scheme

      last time I messed with theme colors, the result was the last iteration of the blog. I haven’t messed around with this new theme though, it may be more flexible.

      The biggest problem with the program I am using is that I have to bulk download a ton of data each time I tweak it, just to get the one png I need. I can keep everything I have already downloaded. Im just not interested in the time investment to get tons of variations in.

      Outside of the flame, I could have done this in paint. I wont use logojoy again

      Derek- it looks like the merriam webster logo because the company took the most popular trademarks, and imitated them for their design patterns.


  3. You guys are way too into the matching colors, lol. I normally pick colors I like, and put them together. I have no concept of matching at all

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      1. is that how they spell “interior decorator” these days? Jk jk.

        I understand the color wheel, and how it came to be. I do not understand why complimentary colors is such a necessary thing (or pattern matching).

        Ill update the post in a sec to add a new option


    1. try .9 , 1.0 and 1.1, but compare it to the front page.

      I like the other schemes as a stand alone image, but I dont think they will go with the rest of the page.


      1. I should take advantage of all the artists doing Red Dead Redemption mockups to make it happen


      1. “try .9 , 1.0 and 1.1, but compare it to the front page.”

        Option 0.9 or 1.0.

        The flame with the gradient is definitely an improvement over the flat color.

        “I found the color codes for Coors beer.”

        The Coors golden color (link) is very similar to the color from my most recent mockup. The dark blue is very nice too.

        “is that how they spell “interior decorator” these days?”

        It’s a fact of biology that women have better color perception than men on average. This is one factor that makes them better interior decorators. Color blindness affects men (1 in 12) more than women (1 in 200). I’m very rare in that my color sense is better than everyone I know. So I end up recommending paint color combinations for family and friends. My coworkers gifted me a nameplate (as a joke) for my desk at work with the job title “Color Scientist” under my name.

        I was also able to identify the two hues of “The Dress” (the real hues of the photo (blue and gold), not the hues of the original dress (blue and black) or the hues people perceived it to be (white and gold). I color profile my monitors and picked out the colors using the eye dropper tool in photoshop to verify.

        (Interestingly, my sound detection is much more mundane: I cannot pick out the “Yanny” vs “Laurel” as well as my son.)

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