State of the Union, pt. 1- An Outline

This weekend I will highlight the most important portions of Trump’s speech. As I do not know how I will outline that article yet, today I want to focus strictly on the chronological outline of the speech.


  • Intro
    • 2 stories of greatness: D-Day, Moon landing
      • 1- overcoming danger, struggle
      • 2- status of power and greatness
    • Current obstacles- generalized
  • Current progress and Succcess
    • Economic Progress at home
    • tax relief
    • relief from regulations
    • energy production

The Challenges:

  • Current Obstacle: investigations and the courts
    • Solution: confirm nominees
    • Related Current victory: Criminal justice reform
  • Crisis: Immigration. Massive focus of speech.
    • Problem
    • Progress
    • Proposal
  • Foreign Trade
    • Problem: China
    • Progress: recent tariffs
    • Proposal: Addressing NAFTA
  • Healthcare
    • Problem: costs
    • Progress: declining prices in drugs
    • Proposal: Congress to act on his plan
  • Family leave (pandering)
  • Abortion
    • Problem: Moral problem,
    • Lack of Progress: public criticism against the Governor of Virginia
    • Proposal: An act to prohibit late term abortion
  • War
    • Alliances: re negotiating
      • problem: costly, not good allies
      • solution: renegotiate
    • Russia: Ending treaties, bringing back Missile Defense
      • Problem: outdated treaties
      • solution: missile defense, renegotiating
    • Korea: Meetings will continue
      • all is good
    • Venezuela: The U.S. chose a side, and will act on it
      • problem: socialist government
      • US action (solution): regime change
    • Afghanistan: we are stopping endless wars
      • problem
      • progress
      • solution
    • Iran: Next in line for invasion
      • Just one big problem


  • Conclusion
    • returning to the story in the beginning- D-Day
      • emphasis on the darkness, fear, and the struggle ahead
    • A call to endure, to act, to overcome, and to write a victorious future.

For part 2, click here

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