Dalrock and Doxxing

Dalrock has been identified as a kingpin, and the first domino. People who hate the manosphere want to doxx him, with the intent of causing chaos in the manosphere, and taking out one of the most read anonymous blogs in that sphere. Others want to use him as a domino- knock him out, or get him to come their way, so that a larger group can “fall,” or at least lean another direction.

Dalrock recently posted his first answer to many questions, as part of an email exchange with a director of Warhorn Media. The first question included this subpart: Why do you [choose] to do it pseudonymously? It is a favorite question of many these days, but nevertheless, it is disturbing to see it come from “our side” of the argument.

As part of his answer, Dalrock wrote the following:

Social justice warriors are in the process of consolidating their victory in the culture wars. One of their favorite tactics is to swarm anyone who disagrees with them and try to destroy them personally, since they know they would lose an open debate. I assume this is obvious

Dalrock’s answer was very good. My concerns are that the interviewers are looking at wordpress bloggers as teachers to be vetted for falsehoods. I have yet to see anyone claiming to be in any position of spiritual authority on wordpress. This is iron sharpening iron territory.

Some weeks ago, after seeing several people on WordPress and other forums present similar questions, I wrote my own justification for remaining anonymous online. I will include the relevant portions here, with my updated thoughts in bold, and underline for shorter revisions.

This position is not only ignorant, but foolish and dangerous. It makes me wonder if advocates of identity unmasking are controlled opposition, and working for the enemy.

Why do you want to know the personal identities of people you don’t know in person? Are you trying to doxx them? Are you trying to ruin their careers or livelihood?

The reality is that these people are trying to silence critical thought, and to keep you in line. Them knowing your identity gives them an advantage, especially when they are supported by institutions, and/or have a following – especially if that following donates $$. You as an individual are just one person without organizational resources, or the time to withstand multiple attackers.

We live in an age where saying “I believe gender hormonal treatments for kids is abuse,” or “marriage is between one man and one woman” will get you fired from most businesses in most cities, and from government agencies. God forbid you hold a professional license: the first people they will go after are doctors, and the ABA is already trying to silence the legal profession with their proposals to change rule 8.4.

Your statements on your own blog, made after hours and having nothing to do with your work, can ruin your career, end all career prospects, and force you to completely start over. So do you martyr yourself on every hill, silence yourself, or find an alternative? (Do you think a doctor who spent 5-7 years in medical school and beyond is going to risk publicizing anything to the right of a moderate leftist viewpoint? We just had a Circuit Court judge get grilled on his high school yearbook calendar to be confirmed to the Supreme Court- they are doing the same to lower court nominees now). 

Groups of leftists and cowards grovel for individuals to slip up, and pounce on them. That individual will not receive any support from friends in trying times. Any public affiliation with the subject will make the mob’s eye of Sauron focus on them. Quite frankly, requests for anonymous bloggers to be made known gives me the creeps, and makes me think of Genesis 19: But before they lay down, the men of the city, the men of Sodom, both young and old, all the people to the last man, surrounded the house. And they called to Lot, “Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us, that we may know them.

I dont understand why Christian men are leading the charge to expose people. As a point of order, it is important to note that Warhorn presents their ideas and beliefs from the reformed-protestant angle. Inconvenient for them, Luther and Calvin not only adopted numerous pen names, but they fled territories to flee the SJW-equivalents of their era. Dalrock, please touch on that in your interviews for me 🙂 

They do not understand the risk: they live in communities and attend church with like minded people, who tithe and fund them with those tithes. Maybe the pastors should ask their congregants to actively proselytize at work, and see those donations dry up, as church members lose their jobs. That is how the market works. That is how America now works. If you need to be pointed to examples, you have missed the past decade of political news. Harassment of people on the right began when W. Bush was elected the FIRST time. I remember the car dealerships in California being set on fire by members of ELF and other leftwing groups.

I dont have a following online, but I know if my identity was leaked, people would wait for the opportunity to use what I write against my interests. I know people who have lost jobs, or worse, for far far less. Apparently there are Christians who would want me to actively sabotage myself, so that I have no job, and to waste years of my life for nothing. But those same Frauds wont be there for me then. They wont financially support me. They wont get me a job. Neither would my church. 

So I have two options (that are sane and mentally healthy) according to these people: to not blog at all. Oh wait, that is only one option. To be silenced, (or to be silenced by being outed). Nope, not playing games where I lose from the start. (I hope they change their approach with the Redpill/manosphere crowd- not playing games where you automatically lose is one of their cardinal rules. Suggesting violations of that is a good way to lose your ability to influence them). 

When do neighbors rally against protestors who harass a neighbor? I’ve never seen it.

Requesting another person’s personal information online, when not consensual, feels like the situation Lot’s guests faced, when the city surrounded Lot’s home, desiring to “know” who the visitors were. It creeps me out.


11 thoughts on “Dalrock and Doxxing

  1. I agree with your points, but I can tell you exactly why Tim Bayly is opposed to anonymous bloggers. Back in 2006/2007 his friend RC Sproul Jr was attacked by several disgruntled former parishioners who created anonymous blogs to constantly attack him and anyone associated with him. By attack, I mean they were accusing him, his father, his friends of lots of big sins. Bayly was one of the few who defended him back then.

    There are two sides to every story. Using an anonymous blog to explain and critique ideas is perfectly acceptable in my view. Using an anonymous blog to accuse people of high crimes and misdemeanors is a way of bypassing the due process of law. I agree with Bayly that those who do such things act dishonorably.

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      1. This is true, but from what I have seen on wordpress, there are not many problems with that. Facebook and other chat rooms are a different beast.

        In theory, it is hard to determine if an anonymous poster is being libelous, or has actual inside baseball on a matter, verses opinion.

        for example:
        I witnessed RC Sr murder someone = libel
        I personally know a [not well known] pastor serving life for murder = inside baseball
        I suspect several famous pastors are gay = opinion

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    1. People ended up being right: Sproul Jr associated with Doug Wilson, he became entangled in the Ashley Madison affair, and after his super magical one year break from Ligonier, they silently took him back, until he had a DUI wreck with kids in the car.

      Here, people are not trying to split apart denominations and spread rumor. It is fact based argumentation. If you cant argue merits, then go home.


    2. As per High Crimes and Misdemeanors, we are always free to question, and to levy questions against suspect people. When evidence comes out, it is fair game.

      Take for instance the SGM scandal. The predators were successful for so long because they instilled fear in people, and would destroy those who would speak. The only thing to do then is either get destroyed, or be anonymous.

      Luther and Calvin both did it. Its ironic when pastors who follow them criticize the practice


      1. True about Luther, and Calvin. Also Samuel Rutherford, and possibly John Knox used pseudonymns.

        The Bible does give us a standard that is higher than the current law of the land. It says not to entertain an accusation against an elder without two witnesses, and to dismiss a backbiter after the second warning.

        So, I would say using an anonymous blog to accuse someone of serious sin definitely violates the scripture, and likewise may violate libel and defamation statutes.

        At any rate, Dalrock never accused Bayly of sin, only of inconsistency in his arguments. I think that Bayly, Wilson, etc are fair game for Dalrock. I personally welcome critique of my own arguments, but I suppose as an ENTJ/INTJ I’m wired a bit differently than most pastors.


      2. I think Wilson is fair game for anyone, as he is now a public figure in several respects.

        Dalrock doesn’t see Wilson for what he is, as he isn’t up to speed on fissures in the reformed community. Wilson’s viewports are informed by his federal vision and quasi covenantal theology.


  2. I’m looking for someone smarter than me to say whether a site like yours can lead to being doxxed. You seem to fix the bill. Can an experienced hacker use this site to doxx you? What’s your opinion? And why?
    Asked via TOR providing invalid identifying details, so if you answer it has to be in this blog.


  3. No joke: It’s not April 1st where this was posted. I’m considering creating (yet another) anonymous wordpress account.


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