The Truth about those Kentucky Pro Life Kids

Liberal media outlets have been pushing an image across the internet, in an attempt to make it iconic. It is purportedly of racist, white kids (wearing MAGA hats of all items) oppressing the last forest elf in D.C., by . . . smirking at him (those evil bastards!). Of course the media is using this image to malign all pro lifers, as well as the students themselves. The left doesn’t care, however. Jack Morrissey, a Disney producer, made a picture of a woodchipper spraying blood, with a caption about “Maga kids go screaming, hats first, into the woodchipper.” (We need to call on Disney to dissociate with Morrissey for good). And of course, the story is the result of leftist imagination written down under the guise of journalism.

The truth is that kids are actually the victims. Furthermore, for anyone familiar with DC protests, especially the March for Life, you know that liberal counter protests are not grassroots based, and are often conducted by those seeking media attention. Hence a “native” in the District of Columbia, complete with a drum, who just . . . happened to be there?

What actually happened is reported in the Washington Examiner. A group of black supremacists (known as black Israelites, more on that later) decided to heckle and harass the students while they waited for their bus. That is where our forest friend comes in. He told the media he saw these kids harassing the black men (impossible- more on that later), so he stepped in to intervene (a lie he told to make himself the hero), when in reality, he (an old man) was bullying kids.

For anyone familiar with DC, you know the black Israelites. We see them outside of the Gallery Place/Chinatown stop all the time (Near the portrait gallery for tourists, and the Family Research Council for conservatives). Come rain or shine, they will be there, shoutin down that white devil. They believe the real Israelites are actually black, that they are the chosen race, that whites and the Jews claiming to be Jews are demonic satanists, etc. And they are not pushovers or people to be trifled with. So the entire idea of high school kids threatening them is insane.

In conclusion: The media lies on a regular basis, especially in the Trump era. They are constantly pushing an agenda. They are constantly trying to make the political right (or centrists who dont agree with them) seem racist.

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