ICFG Pentecostalism was founded by an Apostate

The International Church of the Foursquare Gospel has approximately 9,000,000 members worldwide, and is listed on wikipedia’s list of the largest Christian denominations.

It was founded by Aimee Semple McPherson. Tim Challies has a biographical article of her here.

I have written about the qualifications for Elders and teachers before (see also here). Here is why Aimee McPherson was not qualified to be in ministry, and teach in any capacity:

  1. She was a female who preached and taught to the masses. See 1 Timothy and Titus.
  2. She was divorced, after abandoning her husband. (She was divorced multiple times to multiple men).
  3. Her “baptism” was an emotional and sensual experience, accompanied by speaking in nonsense non-languages. (tongues as translated in the scriptures are actual languages).
  4. Her “sermons” were performances to entertain the masses and tickle their ears.
  5. Her church was known for acts of kindness, not spreading the gospel.
  6. She was characterized as impulsive by those in her church.
  7. It is a question as to whether she was a drug addict (she died of an overdose).
  8. She  taught false doctrines.

Not only are the doctrines of the church false, but the practices of their church are contrary to the Bible. The ICFG has changed their statement of faith over the years to appear orthodox, but in practice, they are not. They believe the faithful are healed by prayer (whereas if you aren’t healed, you have no faith). They tolerate false teachers. They tolerate false, demonic “gifts.”

5 thoughts on “ICFG Pentecostalism was founded by an Apostate

  1. “Her church was known for acts of kindness, not spreading the gospel.”

    Prior to the corruption of the SJW movement, a couple thousand years or so earlier, God said that what he desired most was for his people to do justice, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with Him. Later it was declared that the true religion God accepts is to look after orphans and widows and to keep oneself pure.

    With that in mind, how do you define the gospel?


    1. The gospel: we are all sinners, worthy of punishment by a Just and holy God. He sent his son, Jesus Christ, to earth to live a Just and holy life, and to die for our sins (as a perfect sacrifice. Those who believe in Christ will be saved.

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    2. Most Christian groups that focus on good works rarely have a biblical view of the gospel. They also rarely focus on widows and orphans. They also do their works to be seen, and accepted by the community.

      The prosperity gospel movement, which comes from Pentecostals, uses false “healings” as a way to instill fear in their congregants, and keep them giving money and attending.

      The IFGC does not teach a biblical gospel. That is clear by their rejection of God’s word as to who has the authority to teach and rule over the church.


      1. Lexet,

        Thank you for clarifying. Your definition of the gospel is the standard Protestant definition, succinctly and well stated. My only qualm is that it is incomplete, like a half story.

        Consider Matthew 4:23, Matthew 10:7-8, and Luke 9:2-6. When Jesus sent out his disciples to preach the gospel it was for two reasons:

        1) Proclaim the good news of the kingdom of God
        2) To heal

        Spreading the gospel and making disciples is what we are to do. But this involves acts of kindness and love (healing, etc.) just as much proclamations. And when you factor in that love is the greatest commandment, you cannot have a gospel without both.



      2. Thank you. I would also add that works are not what saves you, but are evidence, and fruits, of salvation.

        Per part 2, I would say that in this era, we would need to define it as spiritual healing, not physical. I am very skeptical of those who claim the gifts of tongues and healing are at work today (especially in America) every church body I have seen that proclaims them is involved in some heresy.

        Mathew 4:23 is Christ himself healing: to establish his authority and power, and confirm his identity. I don’t believe the physical healing is a “gift” still active today (at least in societies where the word of god is readily available and accessible for free online). If it were, we would see some evidence that it was still occurring. The only people who proclaim the gifts of healing are false teachers who pervert the gospel.


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