Ties are phallic symbols

Recently, I watched this interview with Col. Dave Grossman. If you carry arms, are in the profession of arms, he is someone you need to familiarize yourself with. He made a comment about ties being phallic symbols. Here is the interview. It’s interesting, because ties are symbolic in nature. (If you want a quick tip on Middle East politics, pay attention to which leaders wear them).

I’ve spent some time thinking about this, in addition to my 13 years of experience wearing, or refusing to wear, neckties.

Men who care about fashion, and who are always obsessed with their appearance are very insecure people. If you want to wear ties, or like wearing them in general, that is ok. If you base your judgments on others based on a tie, and get angry when others do not wear them, then we have a problem.

In the professional world, there is a lot of vanity and arrogance centered around use of dress clothes, but in particular, the ultimate vanity is centered around the necktie. Some vain people really really care if you wear one or not, to the point of being offended if you don’t. The reason this is stupid is because the tie is effeminate, constraining, uncomfortable, and serves no utilitarian purpose. It is pure vanity.

Not wearing a tie has nothing to do with lack of respect or disregard for social convention. It has to do with the threat placed on the tie-lover. People who don’t feel the urge to wear a useless piece of silk on their neck threaten the manhood of a tie fanatic. People who ditch the tie say to them that they aren’t defined by arbitrary standards, aren’t affected by them, and have genuine, substantive things that motive and concern them. Such as competence and skill. These are the confident people.

Tie fanatics wear a phallic symbol around their neck as if it proves the existence of the real thing beneath their pants. Their identity is torn apart when they see a person can be a man without a tie, exposing them as the fraud they are: a soulless shell that finds their identity in conformity.

2 thoughts on “Ties are phallic symbols

    1. That is true. In the interview, Col Grossman does say wearing a tie can be a monkey branching moment. However, I dress for myself, and not the pleasure of others.

      Also, from my personal experience, the people who focus on dressing very well are creating an illusion, aren’t wealthy, and spend most of their discretionary income on clothes. (I guess this could indicate status, but it actually indicates an inability to provide).
      Conversely, the wealthiest people I know dress modestly.

      I’m speaking more for man-man interactions. The baby boomer generation is full of dull people who think the IBM dress code is the measure of manhood. They also consist of people who go into fits of rage over the difference between paper clips and staples.

      The worst offenders aren’t even decent dressers themselves. For them, a tie is a rule, and a rule must be obeyed, because it is a rule. They don’t question the rule, or authority, at all.


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