WordPress’s updates

I don’t like the new updates WordPress is pushing. When writing, I like to use spaces and tabs (for indenting paragraphs). WordPress doesn’t normally allow this- half the time tabs will import their formatting from Microsoft word.

I also love using lists and drop downs (like an outline).

WordPress is very different from when I was writing in college. It used to be … better (imho).

Does anyone else have these problems, or have any solutions for these problems?

One thought on “WordPress’s updates

  1. I usually write posts in a MS Word document, and when I’m finished, I select all, copy, and paste it into the WordPress editor. Almost all formatting is retained, including bold and italic font, tables, numbered and bulleted lists, and hyperlinks embedded into text. Font color is one of the few things not retained, and images need to be uploaded separately. This technique also guards against internet brownouts and (frequent) save fails on WordPress. I never edit from my smartphone, because something is always lost in the process, and it never comes out looking right.


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