Purging the Internet of Dissidents

If you watch You Tube, listen to podcasts, use Facebook, tweet, or instagram, know about Pay-pal, or Patreon, you may have heard about “de-platforming.” Dozens of content creators are being blocked, banned, and demonetized from their accounts across the internet. And when I say blocked, I mean there is coordination between website servers, facebook, twitter, youtube, and google, to purge the internet of the existence of political dissidents.

I am not talking about Alex Jones. I am talking about people such as Milo Yiannopolous, Gavin Mcinnes, the channel Sargon of Akkad, etc. Dozens of You Tube channels speaking on “red pill” topics have been demonetized and deplatformed as well. While demonetizing is not the biggest problem the “right” is facing, it is just the beginning steps of silencing dissent.

  1. marginalize your key opponents. (Mock them, attack their advertisers and livelihood, limit influence over audience)
  2. Block your key opponents entirely. Leave their support base without any outlets, or information sources. This starves them of news/content/challenging thought. 
  3. Total control over political thought. 

America has a new free speech problem. Our economy has changed, so that the primary deliverer of news is your tablet, phone, and computer. Our news is almost exclusively given to us by websites, especially social media sites. Most civil discourse takes place solely online, or in rowdy street protests. Hardly anyone shows up at a town hall in 2018. Community forums are staged propaganda sets for campaigns, not genuine conversations. 

How is this a problem? If website hosts, or social media sites have the ability to block your existence and commentary from the internet, they have the ability to shut down all civil discourse. They are doing so now, and they are picking off the top hosts who don’t subscribe to the far left. 

The overlords of the internet hate freedom of speech. Silicon Valley wants to shut down any opposition to left leaning politics. They are not benign, and they do not prioritize, or respect, freedom, or positive discourse. They want to destroy their opposition, and silence them. In the words of Kurt Schlichter, the political left wants you dead. 

Minds.com is an alternative to youtube. If you have any other suggestions as to alternative media sites, post them below. I am obviously not a big content creator. I am a content consumer. If they can silence massive whales, they can silence a minnow. 

4 thoughts on “Purging the Internet of Dissidents

    1. My concerns exactly. Where do we go? Make our own websites? What happens when servers/hosts refuse to allow us to create websites, or exist on the internet.

      Paper publishing is impossible.

      Darkweb? tor?

      The social media sites are already trying to block minds.com from becoming a thing- sites are blocking links to it regularly now.

      I work as a licensed professional- as with the Internet, every major trade/professional alliance is pushing an agenda of silencing opposition by codes of conduct, etc. Dissenters will be forced out of the labor market, and into the periphery.

      It’s insane to see how America is becoming a slave nation.


  1. The main reason they are going down this censorship path is that they have figured after dealing with Milo that censorship by their standard works and because they perceive it to be working they will continue to push that line of action.

    Right now some are working on this problem. In the old days of the internet there was a saying that “The internet interprets censorship as damage to the internet and routes around it. Now this was true back in the day when the internet was in the seven digits of users and relatively speaking there were many nodes used by those users.

    What has happened since is that the internet has been taken over by an oligopoly of companies that control most of everything that goes on.

    In the beginning there were protocols for everything that needed to be understood by every internet server. There was FTP (File Transfer Protocol), Usenet (A news protocol), email, and lots of other protocols.

    It might be better that a social media protocol be set up complete with its own standard server port which allows someone to point their browser at any compliant server and be able to download onto their browser any relevant information that they need. It will give them a facebook or some other social media website style experience.

    It would make it a lot harder to shut down any individual.


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